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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Alright. Here we go.

The Descendants: 8/10- I was so ready to dump on this one. I really was. I felt it didn't know what it wanted to be. I can dig dramedy, but the laughs were played at odd times.

The dialogue was really weird too, the way characters interacted. I've never been to Hawaii, maybe that's how they talk there, but to me it was really weird. You have a ton of things going on in this movie, and often it felt like too much to work. But they were interesting enough to keep you in it. Good mystery work.

But the interesting thing is that it does work, it just takes until the final act to see everything. And when you get certain information, the revelation plays really well because it clears something up for you. It ALMOST makes up for it going on too long, which it does. But the ending is perfect.

Happy Feet 2: 5/10- This was a weird ass movie. Like I guess in retrospect the first Happy Feet was too. But this one gets extremely heavy handed with the weirdness.

Muble turns into a very boring character in this one. His kid doesn't take his place. In fact the whole plot wanders constantly, including a B-plot that involves characters that are doing something completely different than the main line. The A-plot WANTS to be about being accepted but then everyone HAS to do the same thing. It's weird, and I thought I was the only who noticed it but my gf saw it too. There is some seriously confusing stuff in the B-plot including: existential philosophies, homosexuality, and individuality. The story of this movie is almost too weird to describe, I have no idea what the script writers were thinking about. Actually no, they were thinking: "we need more drugs."

NOW, the animation is off the charts! As good as the first in that department. The music is nice, and there is a number at the end that Mumble's kid sings that is pretty awesome and powerful in that moment actually. But it doesn't make up for a wandering plot. Rent for a buck? Got kids and want a movie you can both sit through? Sure. But don't expect it to live up to it's predecessor.

Special: 5/10- This was opposite of The Descendents. I was ready to heap praise over everything. The premise was promising:

The twist was predictable. Which is fine, that was the idea I think, but from there they didn't handle it well. The movie jumped from one theme to another after the reveal. That's a problem. At first a little one, but then it became a big one. I can't tell you much, but at the end they bring back to original theme, and that's where my problem comes from. Had they stuck to the original thread, they would have made a great movie. They framed the real world in comic book standards, and that original theme would have made me come on here and recommend you all to see it immediately.

It didn't. I don't. If you have Netflix you could spend an hour and a half in worse ways, but far better ones too.
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