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Default Two slight areas of concern

Obviously, Melo's gotta get better offensively. I think we all know that. I'm not all that concerned. Amare went through a slump this year. Dirk did too. The shortened season and lack of an offseason has effected jumpshooting. I think he should post up more and get to the foul line. Free throws usually helps your shot. He's gotta be better from the line. His shot and free throw shooting has been uncharacteristically off.

Two areas of concern for me are
#1 I know Mike Woodson is still tryna find his way as the new Knicks head coach and gradually convert to doign things his way. However, I hope it's just a matter of him figuring what rotation works best. We play entirely too many people...particularly guards. We've got to cut down our rotation. It's hard for guys to get in a rhythm when you're in and out of the game so much. For instance, Landry came out the gate aggressive, then he came out and wasn't the same.

#2 Baron Davis is going to have to get better or we're going to have to look at the d-league/waiver wire for options. He made some decent buckets last night but his TO's are killing us. It's like he thinks we're in Rucker Park. Furthermore, did anyone see that loose ball he tried to sprint for? He could barely run and he couldn't even bend down for the ball. I like Lin but let's face it. He's struggled when teams start off with on ball pressure. I'll take the good with the bad. I expect, however, for Baron to be the veteran backup we can call on to allow Lin some time to settle down and for the pressure to simmer. Baron has made some big plays but he's also been very erratic. I expect more out of a veteran.
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