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Arrow Re: Two slight areas of concern

Yeah I sense a problem with our SG rotation especially. 3 guys are fine but 3 potential starters is a waste. We would have to trade one of them, but none of them is entirely expendable. Landry is the perfect complement in the starting lineup, Iman is a good defender, JR is a scoring threat. We need them all but they are one too many
And you can't even start JR and move Landry at his natural SF role in the second unit because how can you take minutes away from Novak at the rate he's shooting? A second unit with Landry at SF instead of Novakaine would have to rely on Baron only for scoring, which we can't afford.

I'm fine with our PG situation right now. Yeah Baron is doing well below what we expected, but he isn't our starter like we expected either.
Lin... I never bought the superstar hype, but I won't throw him away now either. He's establishing himself as a 15 ppg / 7 apg PG which is solid. He will learn to turn the ball over less.
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