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Default Re: Two slight areas of concern

Originally Posted by Da KO King
My concern with Jeremy Lin is all about next year. How we he respond under normal NBA conditions when teams are more willing to play extensive pressure basketball.

Despite the muscle mass he's added since leaving Harvard I think we can all agree he's not very strong with the ball. If Lin does not develop some ball toughness then having him in the starting lineup will quickly become a weakness of this team.

I feel you but I'm not even trying to think about it lol It's like you can't say anything about Lin without backlash from some people lol I will say, I'm OK with Lin being our NOW PG. I don't know about the future. I was very uncomfortable with the fact that he needed help last night when they were pressuring the ball. Melo had to bring up the ball in the beginning of the game. That's not good. I am impressed that he came on strong in the end despite that however. A lot of young players would have crawled into their hole and buried themselves in self pity. He showed resiliance.
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