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Default Re: Troy Aikman says Tony Romo was better than he ever was

Originally Posted by Carbine
I get the feeling that you are saying Romo's failures and lack of team success if a direct result of the team around him, like he's surrounded by a bunch of nobodies.

....and that it's not really his fault, he doesn't have the team around him.

You're forgetting he has played pretty bad in the big games himself, not like he's out there throwing up 300 yards and 3 touchdowns and the rest of his team can't get it done.

He has consistently played poor in the big games. There is a connection between that fact and the reason they aren't winning those big games.

well THIS year it was the D

SOME of it is him but not even close to what most people think...

his numbers are poor against the Vikes game cause he was on his ass the entire game...anyone that watched that game knows it wasn't Romo

he muffed a snap against the Seahawks...meh

the Giants game he did throw a costly pick, but also had many WR drops similar to what Rodgers had happen this year.

the average fan believes that Romo is an INT machine...he has very few INTs this year.
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