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Default Re: Two slight areas of concern

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Laundry can't do those things either, but at least Shumpert can dribble. Laundry dribbles like he's playing in the 1950s.

Landry's an excellent passer and scores very efficiently. His 1950's dribble doesn't stop him from getting into the paint and makings things happen, by passing it to a teammate (which Shumpert doesn't do), or scoring himself (which Shumpert doesn't do) or drawing a foul (which Shumpert doesn't appear to do especially well). He can't shoot jumpshots, but he's still better at it than Shumpert, and, more importantly, he doesn't try to. Shumpert seems to think he's Kobe Bryant.

Although, going by his percentages, he might be closer than we think.
They have to use Carmelo to help take the pressure off Lin instead of the SG because his dribble is so bad.
And? I thought we wanted Carmelo to get the ball more. Wasn't that one of the complaints about D'antoni? You know, after you were done complaining about Carmelo having the ball too much.

And of course we certainly don't want Shumpert to have the ball, because he's so bad with it.

Plus his foot speed is awful.
Which is why he's so awful at scoring in transition. Oh wait. Or playing defense. Oh wait. Or chasing down rebounds. Oh wait.

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