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Default Re: Music to my ears

Originally Posted by knickscity
D'antoni held the whole organization back.
Right now the Knicks are playing hard,they are winning games with their defense and effort. That's what I want to see from my team.

There's one thing I can't tolerate and that's lack of effort.
Some players simply aren't talented and that's fine.Not everyone is born to be a star. But it's inexcusable to not try and give 100% every night.

I couldn't have watched the 90's Knicks (I was just a baby back then) but I always had a defense first mindset.
Actually I downloaded and watched some Knicks games from 90's (Houston's game winner vs Heat in game 5,Larry Johnson's 4-pt play against the Pacers..) but that's only like 10 games.

Team wasn't trying under D'Antoni.Not only that but Woodson makes adjustments and hold players accountable.
It's a beauty to watch this Knicks team when D'Antoni is out of town.
Hopefully he'll take over the Clippers so we can watch fun basketball with no defense (not so fun when you're fan of that team )

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