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Default Re: Music to my ears

I don't want to be the typical Knick fan kneejerk reactor. It's only a few games. However, there is more than just added energy that is allowing us to win these games. The critics just want to say that because they look like ***** for blaming it all on our star players. If you can't see there's a different defensive philosophy then you don't know much about the game of basketball. It's more than just playing harder. The way we hedge and fight screens, the way we only switch if it's necessary, the way our front court communicates to the back court like linebackers, the way we play to individual players' weaknesses, our players guarding their appropriate positions... all that and more has made us a better defensive team.

My dad called it perfectly. He said the next coach who comes in after D'Antoni is going to look like a genius in his 1st couple of games because a lot of our problems could be dramatically changed by even a decent head coach.
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