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Default Re: Music to my ears

Yea I have to say I'm not 100% sold he's the coach of the future but I like his approach. Make adjustments and if something is working, don't change it until they stop it. Some coaches are stubborn, especially veteran coaches. This is why there's a youth movement in the coaching world now. With all the technology and scouting reports and books being written on coaches, you have to be willing to make adjustments an switch things up. If I'm a young head coach, and I grew up following D'antoni's coaching, or Phil Jackson or whoever; If I read books about their coaching style, I'm not going to play a game against on of their teams and lose to that style. Im going to make them beat me another way.

I was watching Syracuse vs Wisconsin last night. Syracuse is by far more talented than Wisconsin. However, especially in the NCAA tournament, it's a lot about who can get hot from 3. Jim Boeheim is an all time great but that game could have been won so muhc easier. He REFUSES to come out of that 2-3 zone. It's the reason Syracuse has only been to one elite 8 since Melo was there. You HAVE to be willing to adjust. Wisconsin was terrible from inside the arc but they made 14 3's and it kept them in the game. The ball is always going to be faster than the defense. You can't stay in a 2-3 all game against a team that is deadly form 3 and can pass the ball.

Coaches HAVE to be willing to adapt!
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