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Default Re: How depressing is it being a Nets fan right now?

Originally Posted by gigantes
good to know i'm not alone. living in the cleveland suburbs right now, i don't exactly rub elbows with even the occasional nets fan on the street.

at this point my optimism for the nets is like this--

when you play in the most cutting-edge sports facility in the biggest sports town in the nation you will get an advantage in opportunities. then it all comes down to the owner and GM. if we have the right ones then the nets will be a force in the NBA and inevitably a title-contender. and short-term we will be rubbing the dolan-owned knicks faces in it, for the limited satisfaction that's worth. it's just that the future was supposed to be NOW, and in reality it's not going to be for a couple more years. ugghhh.

so i guess for the time being we should all have a 'secondary team'. who is yours?

personally i'll go with kidd and carter in dallas, even as they teeter on retirement. but i also have huge respect for dirk and carlisle, so it's an easy choice. and mark cuban can be an ass, but has slowly won me over- he does put his money where his mouth is and does as much for his employees as anyone else out there. also, he's learned the power of being able to STFU.
After what cuban said about Brooklyn... His team can eat dirt. I hope they bounce in the first round. I am yet to decide on a team for the playoffs. I was rooting for Kidd to get a ring last year. I do want to see LeBron win. His haters are obnoxious. It's tough coz I also do not like all the heat bandwagons. So idk. Regular season is Nets no matter what though.
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