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Default Re: How depressing is it being a Nets fan right now?

whoa, what did cuban say about brooklyn?

MT, i must have forgotten that carter was your man. that's cool. were you around when recspecs was constantly bitching about his lack of effort? that got a bit tiresome.

i like your sixers pick for the reasons you stated. i also lean towards them because they're my hometown team.

overall, the heat winning seems pretty inevitable. i'm still annoyed with lebron for the many things he's said and done, but i try not to be obnoxious about it. but if they do win, i hope bosh gets some credit for being an underrated part of the big three. at the same time i would feel kind of sorry for lebron if the heat failed to win this year. it would likely release so much ridicule and backlash that it would probably cause him to be all that much more of a headcase.

dwight OTOH has no good reason to be the headcase that he is. i would certainly not mind if the magic got humiliated in the first round...
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