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Default Re: How depressing is it being a Nets fan right now?

Originally Posted by MTing
Vintage RecSpecs = hating on Vince.

And yeah my gut feeling is the Heat are gonna win. I cant see anyone stopping them in a 7 games series, they're just to deadly. Though we did say this last year and Dirk and the Mavs came in and shocked a lot of people. Will that happen again? I can't see it. Hope I'm wrong. If the Heat lose again this year I would think Heat management would get a little sweaty.

Agree on the Magic. I want them to get humiliated the first round again just like last year. Anyone remember Jameer Nelson telling D-Rose "I'll catch you in the second round" after a game in the regular season? And they end up getting manhandled by the Hawks
That's a great video.

@ gigantes-
Mark Cuban, one of the world's richest men and owner of the defending Dallas Mavericks, seems to be obsessed with the Big Russian. When asked before the Mavericks-Knicks game what he thought of the Nets plans for Brooklyn (which he supported as a member of the NBA Board of Governors) he told reporters the following, as tweeted by Al Iannazzone.

'I hope the stadium works, I hope they do a great job and I hope the team sucks.' said the always quotable Cuban.

Why might he feel this way about the Nets? Billionaire jealousy (Mikhail Prokhorov has about ten times the Cuban fortune)? Or it his fear that the Nets will hurt his chances of building his next championship around a new big three (Dirk Nowitzki, Deron Williams and Dwight Howard)?; or perhaps he just enjoys being a jerk.
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