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Default Re: Imagining the Tenth Dimension

Originally Posted by Jabes
Do not confuse the common definition of the word 'theory' with that used in science. Ever heard of the theory of gravity? Would you claim that is just a "theory"? Now I'm not saying string theory is as solid as gravity, it isn't since it's lacking empirical evidence, but there is a formal mathematical model for it which is consistent within the current laws of physics.

The whole point I'm trying to make, that you seem to not understand, is that the author of that book is not a physicist, let alone a string theorist. Hell he's not even a scientist, he's a composer/writer who apparently has an outside interest in science and has come up with his own ideas, but has not given any validity for them. Some string theorists claim that their can be no less than 23 dimensions, yet according to this guy there can be no more than 10.

If you're going to put blind faith in what you read about science, at least read the works of an accredited expert in the field, not just any guy that has a website. Better yet, actually study the subject matter, that way you won't have to take anybody's word for it.

Either way, I'm not going to debate this matter any further with someone who has shown to have very little understanding of the basic principles of science.

1. gravity is not a theory...what do yuo mean the "theory of gravity"?

2. I am not putting blind faith into string theory or any thing that is not yet a scientific law...

3. If you think I have very little understanding of the basic principles of science you are very wrong...I have studied plenty on the subject matter...

4. please show me any scientific proof or even a theory where an inifinate amount of dimentonal shapes exits....please let me know how a 6 dimenstional shape can't because it is impossible...
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