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Default Deron still likes the Jazz

"I've got a lot of friends on that team," Williams said. "I like to see how they're doing. I wish the best for Coach Corbin, so I definitely check on them a lot."

"I feel like they're going to make the playoffs. They're playing solid basketball on both ends of the floor right now," Williams said. "I think Coach Corbin's doing a great job of leading the guys. They've got a good mix of veterans and youth, and I think it's working for them."

"I just haven't played good, haven't really shot good against them," said Williams, noting that the Jazz have changed their defensive approach this season. "They definitely did a good job defending me, making things tough on me. They pushed us out of our offense a lot, which definitely affects me."

"They're playing good basketball right now," Williams said about the Jazz. "They've just got to finish strong. They're right there."

What if he decides to come back to Salt Lake City as a free agent?
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