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Default Re: Illinois basketball fans

lol, beyond basketball when people try to say my program is better than yours... it's ****ing stupid. Even if it is, who cares?

Does that somehow make you a more valuable person?

Most of us have some investment in Illinois whether attending the school or having family that attended or just living nearby.

If the Illini were in the Final Four I wouldn't be more of a fan. I support Illinois basketball because I grew up in Urbana and used to go to all of the games.

Although I'm still mad at what is going on now.

You see what I mean, man? It's not about how good our team is or isn't. We are fans. We watch the games. We aren't on the team. We don't get any prize when they win. It's not like we go out and troll other fans like LOLOL MY TEAM BEAT URS.

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