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Default Re: Judge my shooting form

Nice vid, sir. I want to start by saying everyone has their own shooting style so more than anything it's going to be about what works for you. However, if you were looking for some opinions on how to improve upon your current stroke, here are my impressions:

1) You receive passes in an upright position: Typically, a shooter will want to be low and ready prior to catching the basketball. This way, the shooting process becomes a "Rise up-and-shoot" situation. In your particular case, by catching the ball standing straight up, then bending your knees to enter the shooting process, it becomes a "Catch-bend knees-then come back up-then shoot" scenario. In a game situation, this will cost a shooter valuable time.

2) The ball seems to rest behind your head prior to release: As opposed to the ball being in front of your body prior to release, the rock seems to become locked and loaded above and behind your body. I've seen folks make this kind of release work but inherently, I think there's issues that comes along with it. Such as. . .

3) Your shot seems to operate in different segments: By this I mean, the first part of your shot seems to be bending the knees and locking the ball behind your head, while the second part of the shot seems to be the forward arm motion and slight elevation.

Typically, a shooter is most effective when their shot is a part of a singular shooting motion, not one process leading to another. It is my feeling that your current shooting motion is creating a relatively slow shooting process as a result. Further, it seems the catapult motion is where you are tapping into your shooting power, as opposed to your legs.

You mention you'd like your release even higher, but I'm not sure I'd suggest that. If you're having issues with being blocked, it is my belief that may be stemming from your elongated motion as opposed to your release point. The ball sort of chills on a pedestal for a moment.

My solution would be to begin incorporating your legs into your shot in conjunction with bringing your release closer to the front of your body. I'd want to work on one fluid motion:

1. Body low, knees bent, waiting for pass with both hands up, squared up
2. Catch pass, ensure squared position to basket
3. Jump, release, follow through - everything goes up and through at once

Looking at your shot once more, if I had to make a real life comparison, it sort of looks like you're trying to cast a fishing line. And I understand that, because I had/have some of that in my shot as well. But it just seems at this point it's more of a rear back, swing ,and toss than it is rise and shoot.

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