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Default Re: The Official "Mike Woodson" Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
If Woodson was here from the start the Knicks would be a top3 team in the East.

Mike D'Antoni ruined this season.

Now now. Let's pump our breaks here. lol 1st of all, Woodson WAS here. While it's pretty clear now that D'Antoni limited what he was allowed to do, he isn't totally exempt from our defensive woes during Mike's tenure. End of the day, we were playing a defensive philosophy that doesnt work even with great defenders. Any player or coach during Mike's regime is part of the problem. Anyone who follows basketball knows that was a recipe for disaster and nobody, player or coach, stood up and said...Sorry Mike...but this has to stop!

That being said, he is doing a great job. His substitutions still worry me, but it's not that big of a deal right now. He has us playing winning basketball. Winning basketball doesn't just mean we're playing basketball and winning games. It means doing the proper things to achieve success. Sometimes it doesn't always yield results but given the proper talent, it eventually will.(ex Cleveland) Luckily for us, we hit the ground running. Kudos to Coach Mike... The REAL Coach Mike
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