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Originally Posted by mlh1981
Sadly, I think the baseball card era and come and gone. It's something that's mainly popular with an older crowd, and that interest will die with them. I work with kids and NEVER hear any of them talk about baseball cards, sadly.

I can't imagine many of the card companies even make a profit. They lost me when when they not only charged more per pack, but included fewer cards.

My dad was a huge collector, even up through my early teen years before he stated to sell most of his stuff which was about 15 years ago. His interest rubbed off on me as a kid (in the 90s). I grew up next door to another guy about my age and we both had a couple of those sports card specific leather three ring binders where you put the sheets that had spots for either 9 or 12 (can't remember if it was 3 or 4 per row) cards. My dad usually made sure I didn't have any cards that were too valuable in any of mine. Baseball was our favorite. We'd spend a few hours in the yard playing home-run derby or playing a made-up simulated-style game where we were each the starting pitcher for our team, and then go inside for a few hours trading and playing made-up games with our baseball cards.

But yeah, sports card collecting in general has gone by the wayside and it did so a while back. I've had a few spells of nostalgia where I'd be somewhere and they'd have a few different boxes of packs of cards and I'd buy a few but it just doesn't have the same feel to it as it use to.
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