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Default Re: Official 2012 ISH NFL Mock Draft

Miami Dolphins select:
Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M
6'4, 220, 4.58 40

From draft countdown:
Prototypical height with the frame to bulk up further
Well above average athleticism, speed and mobility
Adequate arm strength to make all necessary throws
Shows solid touch, timing, accuracy and anticipation
Stands tall in the pocket and will keep eyes downfield
Makes solid decisions and takes care of the football
Competitive and is tough both physically and mentally
Mature and extremely intelligent w/ great work ethic
A respected leader who teammates will rally around
Still developing and has a lot of untapped potential

Miami has failed on addressing the QB position. They struck out by failing to get Peyton Manning, Alex Smith and Matt Flynn and instead had to sign David Garrard. Garrard isn't the long term answer and may not even be relevant again. Dolphins haven't invested a top ten pick let alone a first round pick since they drafted Dan Marion way back, it's time to fix that. Tannehill might be a reach at this spot but generally QB's are always selected higher than they should be, recent examples are Christian Ponder and Jake Locker last year. Tannehill is a really good prospect who is extremely athletic, he may be raw but he won't have to start right away as they have some stop gaps in Matt Moore and David Garrard. All the elite prospects were selected and this is the best pick.
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