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and it doesn't just go for the team either, its the players as well. you would think Shumpert was in the running for ROY or something the way some of us talk about him. Hes a nice player that i like and expect to improve but to blow him up and talk about him already being the best defender in the league and how he can avg 20ppg is premature, meanwhile we have guys like Klay Thompson, Isaiah Thomas, Kenneth Faried, Kawhi Leonard, Chandler Parsons, Jordan Crawford etc who might be playin better yet we barely know who they are. Had they been on the Knicks, we would probably be talking about them being future greats... s l o w d o w n

..but to get back to the the thread, seeds 4-8 are separated by only 3.5 games (2.5 until last night) and phillys fallin. I'd be very disappointed if the knicks didnt make the playoffs. Though if Lin were to be out for an extended period, and Baron continues to break down, they'd be in some serious sh*t

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