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BlackVVaves - I agree with you a little bit about TT. I'm sure he'll bring it when the playoffs come. But in the regular season, I'm somewhat concerned about Tim Thomas. Fortunately, the Clippers are stacked at the 3 with Maggette, Ross, and Singleton. I think Tim Thomas will get a lot of playing time as the backup PF behind Elton Brand. He's got size and he's aggressive and more athletic than Radmanovic. Having Radmanovic out there is like having a 6'10" Eric Piatkowski, so even having his height, there still wasn't any help on the boards when Brand and Kaman are on the bench. But I have no doubts about TT in the playoffs though, especially if he's on a team like the Clippers where he's pretty sure they'll go far. He'll provide the toughness, 3 point shooting, and clutch shooting that the Clippers can use. Sam Cassell can always win close games for the Clippers.
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