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Default Re: Gotham City Imposters (PSN/XBLA/Steam)

Originally Posted by GOBB
Man kung the jackhammer is KILLER. You can mow people down with that thing. I'm thinking about using a mega huge character but I hate not being able to move around. Using the medium guy for now but that jackhammer is insane. Also helping me gain more XP to level up.

Yea I finally got another gun unlock and used it on that one, immediately went to work with it. I think a heavy class could work if you use the glider. That way you could cause big damage by dive bombing them, then finish them off with the jackhammer. I was using the burly class before, so I'll have to try it out.

Starting to see some pretty high levels, saw someone around 450 last night. I feel like I've put in a ton of time and I'm only 65.
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