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Default Re: Kentucky vs Louisville

I wouldnt say more polished but it aint that damn far off thats for sure. Sure Davis back to the basket game needs work. But McGee's doesnt? I've seen him try to post up and most of the time I laugh at the result. How long has he been in the NBA? Davis is a freshman and the fact his offensive game (which needs work) isnt far from McGee? That says more about McGee. Davis can pretty much score in the same fashion as McGee to me. The only thing that could hold Davis back whereas not so much with McGee is strength. Davis has to get stronger. But ally oops, garbage buckets/put backs? Cmon, I dont see why Davis cant do that especially with a good PG (Cavs/Wizs cmon Stern!).

Heck I've seen Davis put it on the floor and pull up. Mcgee? I never seen it and I havent watched every game of his. So maybe he has.

Bottomline? F*ck McGee offensive game. His mama is rolling in her grave. And his aunt.

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