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Default Re: Knicks completely destroy the Magic

This game was my NBA high point for the season, partially because Orlando is a legitimately good team. It's right up there as the most impressive Knick game all season. Just such an enjoyable game to watch. It was one of Melo's best games in a long time. He's just unstoppable when he's consistently in the post and mid-range area, he was aggressive and everything else came together from that, he drew doubles and made terrific passes all night, and the right passes, and his jumper also fell, which I credit to him attacking the rim and basing his game off his inside and mid-range scoring, and everything else works off that.

Beyond that, I loved watching Shumpert excel like that, and games like this really make me love having Novak, just having a knock down shooter like that is essential.

And not to overlook, the brightest spot for me. The domination on the boards and completely shutting down Howard. Especially compared to last season, those things are incredible to see and shows what a difference having Tyson makes. He's been the most consistent Knick this season.

Just a phenomenal effort at both ends.
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