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Default Re: Judge my shooting form

your shot reminds of michael redd's a bit from that angle. Seems like you are "cocking" your shot all the way to back of your head, but maybe a clearer video will allow us to judge it a bit more.

Agreed with rake, when catching the ball you should just "rise up" and not "go down and then rise up" just helps a quicker release against defenders. I like how you are bending and using your legs on your shot though.

You have more of a closed stance of shooting. Stance has to do with your footwork when you shoot the ball, and having the right footwork as your base will help you align your shooting shoulder to the basket. Search up on google if you wanna change to have a more open stance, it certainly helped me in my shooting mechanics.

Overall, if you want to have a quicker release just try to not **** your shot all the way to back of your head and just get ur shot ready by bending legs and then just catch and shoot. Personally i think your elevation is fine, unless you want to change to a "2point shooting style" like kobe where he just pauses in the air shoots it --> it is harder tho as you have to work more on your balance and shooting at the right timing.
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