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Default Re: Is the 2012 Draft really going to be that good?

Originally Posted by Salazaar
Of the players you mentioned only Barnes is projected top 10. I'm not gonna tell you who's coming back to school but you're not gonna tell me which top 10 players will declare either.. There are a lot of freshman that can simply want to go back to develop their game and be more nba-ready..

Doesnt matter, you asked if the 2012 draft will be good. I just threw out first rd prospects. Not only is the draft considered strong but deep.

The deadline for players to declare isnt nowhere near. You'll hear more and more players start to declare for the draft. Not sure why you even believe players returning to school earlier in the season. They all say it then leave.

Kentucky just won the national title. Expect those kids to start declaring for the draft. I'll be back in this thread to constantly update it ok?
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