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Default Re: Joe Flacco Says He Is The Best Quarterback In The League

Originally Posted by GOBB
No you lost the argument. I didnt lose a thing. Just because you're eating crow over there doesnt mean I am.
He puts up the regular season numbers, and he's super clutch, and he wins in the playoffs. He's the MVP of the super bowl winning team twice. He's reached a point we are pretty confident he puts up huge numbers again next year.

Is your definition of elite limited to 1 or 2 players? That's kind of ridiculous. I think he is. Now if we made a list of say 4 elite, he'd be under Brady, Petyon, etc. i get that. But if he's not elite then i think your classification is too limiting.

If Eli is not elite and in another class, what are the Vicks of the world? Hot Garbage? What is Sanchez? Nuclear Waste?
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