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Default Re: The Official "Mike Woodson" Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity

My son is taking his girlfriend with him, so hopefully he'll be alright whenever he decides to go.

Seriously though, I don't even think about what my oldest kids do.

Only so much a parent can say, teach, and show, you'd hope the child will use good common sense on items that parents can't control.

Actually, my oldest son and his twins sisters take alot from their step mom, even though she isn't that much older than them.

She gets in their ass way more than me, I'm the more lenient one.

Damn the son...It's the daughters fathers worry about. I don't even like my daughters playing with boys at day care She's a little tomboy now so she beats the older boys up. But my wife is like a 36 DDD, so I'm nervous as hell.

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