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Default Re: OT:Insulting Black People=Blasphemy;Insulting Arabs=OK

Originally Posted by schyza
I hope you really donít believe that crap! People arenít racist against whites? Blacks canít be racist? You must have missed this story a few months back. Read this and tell me that this event didnít spawn because of racism yes black on white racism.

And I think the people causing the ruckus just got probation. There was an article in cal state long beach's paper asking students what they thought of the outcome. People actually had the nerve to suggest that they thought the ruling was fair. A total hate crime on white people and somehow probation is fair.

Does anyone know if this even received publicity? I didn't even hear about it until i read cal state long beach's paper.

However, if you change who did what to whom, then everyone knows the outcome would of been huge.
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