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Default Re: Going left or right?

Originally Posted by Jyap9675
Hey guys,

So I am pretty comfortable going left or right now specifically on drive, but now it actually makes it more confusing for me especially on Iso situations. So my question is how do you decide which way to go? Do you

1. Look at the guy's feet? People say attack the leading foot. Its pretty hard to keep watching their feet in game tho.

2. Watch whether there's help defense, say there's help D on the left then go right.

3. Look at their body positioning if they are mostly on the right, drive by left.

Thoughts? Thanks
This is a good set of questions and it's actually made me think a lot about my own game. I feel like it'd be a cop out to call each of my moves reactionary, but that might be the most accurate description.

Typically, I like taking the path of least resistance. Or in other words, I like to keep things as simple as possible. I keep an eye on my defender, but it's not as if I'm focused on his feet alone. A lot of it is about body positioning and having a feel for what type of defender he is as well as how athletic he is and what he thinks about my game.

A lot of times, it's a game of cat and mouse. I'm constantly thinking about what the defender's thinking about me. If they provide a lot of space as I step to the three point line, I'm led to believe they don't know I can shoot. As such, I'll shoot. Make or miss, this will likely create a scenario the following trip down the floor where my defender will have to take into account the fact I may pull-up, which may leave him susceptible to committing to contesting a shot and thus giving up the drive.

Essentially, I think a lot of it is about building up a catalog. Don't be afraid to try moves and see how a defender reacts. It doesn't take much daylight to attack the hole. If you're able to rock your defender even slightly off balance in the wrong direction, the advantage will be yours. It might be best to learn what kind of separation and space you need from a defender in order to attack in an advantageous manner. That way, when that sort of space presents itself in a game, you'll know when to attack.

You know how you can tell when a move isn't working? When you can't get past your defender. Be aggressive, but maintain control. Make a move, explore your path and options and operate with a countermove (or pass or shot) if your path is cut off.
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