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Default Re: New Jersey Nets 2011-12 Post game thread

from the good time to laugh at the misfortune of others dept we have this:

Three years after NBA hall of famer Isiah Thomas arrived at Florida International eager to revitalize the program and his own tarnished reputation, the school acknowledged the experiment was essentially a failure.

FIU fired Thomas on Friday with two years left on his contract, culminating a tenure in which the Panthers went 26-65 and failed to win more than 11 games in any single season. FIU executive director of sports entertainment Pete Garcia released a terse statement indicating that the school has "decided to take the program in a different direction," a decision Thomas apparently found stunning.

"This is the most surprising thing that has happened to me in basketball," Thomas told "(I've) never been fired before for basketball reasons. This is the first time.

"When I was in Toronto, I was trying to buy a team and I left. When I was in Indiana, Larry Bird told me that he liked what I was doing but he was closer to Rick Carlisle. The whole thing in New York was crazy. This is the first time someone told me that I was being fired for basketball reasons."

well, -no comment- since i don't want to kick a dog that's down.
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