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Default Re: Don Imus gets suspended for racist remarks, what about this guy?

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
you're all over the place now....

are you mad at Sharpton or are you mad at the female?

if you are honest with yourself, you know there is more to it than that....

while on the other hand....those females did nothing whatsoever to deserve what happened to them....

unless you consider being female and black a good reason..

I could care less about that woman, but the fact that these players were suspended from school and had their season cancelled becuase of her outrageous claims does bother me. I was just using the Duke case as an example of Sharpton's hypocrisy. He will push and and b*tch until he gets his way, even if he is in the wrong, and then won't apologize or admit his wrongs.

I know these girls did nothing wrong and Imus is a mega sh*t head but many of those players are just as innocent but there college years were partially ruined because Al Sharpton wanted justice.
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