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Default Re: Troy Aikman says Tony Romo was better than he ever was

Originally Posted by kentatm

anyone who blames Romo for the problems on the Cowboys is either just a Cowboys hater and likes bashing them or just flat out does not watch the games.

Hell, that playoff game against the Giants would have been over had Patrick Crayton caught a wide the f-ck open 30 yard pass down the middle of the field. Instead, he drops it, Cowboys punt, and the defense gives up a late TD (like they have been doing since before f-ing Parcells was here) and Romo somehow gets the blame.

and BTW, while Aikman was pretty good, there is an argument to be made that he was simply the best bus driver of all time. The team around him was so insanely good that you could plug in quite a few QBs and still have similar success. That defense alone would be enough to turn the current Cowboys into a top 5 team.

There is no question he had a great team around him, but he performed at his best when his best was needed - the big games. When you guys won championships, Aikman had a lot to do with it with his steady play.

'92 was spectacular.

'93 he was very good.

'95 he again played very well.

Romo is not even close to that. Has he ever played well in a big game only for his team to lose because the rest of the team sucked? I can't think of any.

2006 was the extra point fiasco. That's on him.

2007, regardless of whether or not the guy caught the 3rd down pass, he didn't play well.

2008, destiny in their vs. Baltimore week 16, he comes out and plays terrible. Next week they still have a shot at playoffs, he plays terrible.

Last year is the only time he played well in a big game and lost....and he was still involved in the biggest play of the game that went wrong. The over-throw to Miles. Or maybe it got caught in the lights. Who knows....but they didn't get it done.

Back on to Romo vs. Aikman...he may be able to do more things, like run around and throw on the run and make something out of nothing, but Aikman was a better player. You trust him more in big games. You can be more talented and not be a better player. Joe Montana isn't the GOAT because of his talent, he's the GOAT because when his team needed him, he performed.
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