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Default Re: Nike Hoops Summit: 10:00 PM

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
Noel can't catch. Don't get the hype.

He's a dominant shot blocker who changes the game on par with Anthony Davis and other great C's in the past. He didn't have a good week based upon reports as he had just flew in there and he was tired and dealing with some minor injuries. He's going to be absolutely scary in college. Whichever team he goes to(Kentucky, Syracuse, or G'Town) will be a Final Four team.

The "hype" as far as the NBA is concerned comes from his upside when he puts more weight on his frame and develops a more refined low post game.

He's the type of kid who should go to a program like Georgetown and stay 3-4 years and turn into a dominant C who can make an immediate impact in the NBA when ready. But, unfortunately those days are long gone.
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