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Default Re: Euroleague Basketball 2011-12 Playoffs

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
I think that maybe Krstic and Kirilenko told him he should go to NBA , I would like him to go there but only for 1 season to show them how great he is and than come back .

Krstic and Kirilenko were babied in the NBA and are being babied in CSKA.

I see him getting the same exact treatment Spanoulis got in Houston and Drazen got in Portland.

The NBA has always made a clear effort to stop the top Euro players from succeeding in the NBA. Even Navarro could barely get proper chances in one of the worst NBA teams.

The NBA values Euroleague scrubs like Rubio, Dragic, Lawson, Jennings....guys that are nothing players in Europe, because them doing well will go unnoticed.

But the NBA wants to put the big European stars down a peg to make all idiot Americans think the NBA is "superior". So they bench those guys automatically.

Teodosic will get the Spanoulis/Drazen treatment in the NBA.

Kirilenko and Krstic have no idea how it works because they came to the NBA as young prospects, that were not much of anything at the time in European basketball.

Just look at Pekovic if you don't believe it. His coach Rambis simply REFUSED to play him. He only ever played this year because Adelman was the coach and he admitted he made a huge mistake by not playing Drazen and learned from it.

Otherwise, Pekovic would still be glued to the bench as well. Why? Because he was a top Euroleague player.

But guys like Asik and Erden that were really nothing in Euroleague....they immediately got into NBA rotations.

It's obvious and blatant what the NBA is doing. Teodosic will get benched, and then the NBA marketing will say, "see, this guy was Euroleague MVP and he can't even freaking get off the bench in vastly superior NBA".

Kirlenko and Krstic are morons if they are telling Teodosic to go to the NBA. They should be telling to Shved. Shved is a nothing player in Europe, just a young guy with talent. And he's a big dunker and a really flashy player (probably the flashiest in Europe).

The NBA will love him and play him to whatever he wants. Especially considering that he's way better than players like Goran Dragic. Krstic and Kirilenko obviously don't understand how NBA politics and marketing work, if that is how they are advising Teodosic.

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