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Default Want to stop global warming? Get a hybrid then start clear cutting Canadian forests!

Before compact fluorescent light bulbs and ethanol, the first line of defense against global warming was planting trees.

Forests, after all, cool the atmosphere by drinking in carbon dioxide from the air. A new study, however, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports that forests' other climatic effects can cancel out their carbon cleaning advantage in some parts of the world. Using a three-dimensional climate model, the research team mimicked full global deforestation and also studied the effects of clear-cutting in different regions of latitude, such as the tropics and boreal zones. Apparently, these natural carbon sinks only do their job effectively in tropical regions; in other areas, they have either no impact or actually contribute to warming the planet. In fact, according to this model, by the year 2100, if all the forests were cut and left to rot, the annual global mean temperature would decrease by more than 0.5 degree Fahrenheit.

That's huge! Considering the fact that scientists say that the earth has warmed 1-1.5 degrees over the last 100 years, and a more than .5 degree decrease would knock half of that down. I guess trees absorb heat and snow reflects solar rays, so trees are actually a bad thing(for global warming) in snowy regions.

So buy a hybrid, get yourself an axe, head to Canada and tell that eco-hippy to climb off that old growth tree he's living on in order to save it. Your are gonna chop that phuckin tree down in the name of global warming so you can save your planet.
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