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Default Re: Euroleague Basketball 2011-12 Playoffs

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
I dont know if they told him that I just guessed . They are babied ? What if Teodosic goes to coach like Adelman or Popović ?

Adelman will use him. Because he learned from Drazen situation after he didn't play him in Portland and he went on to do good with the Nets.

Adelman is a yes. Popovich I think is a no.

Splitter barely saw much playing time there so far. Rakocevic was with the Spurs and sat the whole time then asked out.

Sato played there a whole year without ever getting on the court even one time. There are plenty of more examples.

I don't think Popovich would be a good fit at all for him. Adelman would be though.

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