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Default Re: Nike Hoops Summit: 10:00 PM

Originally Posted by Punpun
Don't speak if you know nothing about him. There is a reason why he is the #1 HS player in America. Even with his limited playing time and injury, he still was flawless in his FG attempt, grabbed 4 rbound, 4 STL, 4 BLK. And 3 ast. Think again.

There is no one in this class better than him. Nor in the class below.
Actually I have read and watched as much footage as I could about him. Even made a thread about him a year ago. Guy doesn't seem to be some can't miss prospect, Definately not like Russell. Guy lacks defensive bball iq and has bad hands. He should be an nba player but im not seeing 8 time all star type of guy.

Jabari Parker is better than him. Shabazz, who I'm not as high on as most, is better than him. Wiggins is a much more interesting project.
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