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Default Re: Nike Hoops Summit: 10:00 PM

Originally Posted by Punpun
I don't see it. Nerlens, from what I've seen, has a better Ogame than Davis. Better fundations at least. If Davis can go in the league this year, so will Nerlens.

Nerlens Noel has a better foundation for an offensive game because he actually plays in the post. The problem is he can't do much else but catch and dunk, but he still needs to work on doing more down low. He needs a lot of work to be a C, well a dominant one on the next level. He is a "Cant Miss" prospect.

The difference with Anthony Davis is that hes a 4 and although he doesn't have much of a post game, but has perimeter skills. Davis will come into the NBA as a Face up 4 man due to his lack of weight and he'll struggle like most players like him(KG, Bosh, etc) as he develops to become a "scorer".

There is far more importance and emphasis on Nerlens Noel to develop a post game because he wont be playing outside of the paint like Davis will be.
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