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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: Pro-hop/jumpstop or 1-2 step

Hey keep posting lol every1 here to get advice

For me i usually go 1-2 step. But its alot easier to get the ball ripped out from underneath you by a defender so when driving to the lane, you gotta know how to protect the ball really well.

The hop step for me gets me where i want to go and creates space all in one move. But i only use it when i want to finish on the opposite side of the rim, (this is just how it pertains to me) For example. im left handed so iil hop step with my left hand and switch the ball to my right hand and lay it in. Only time i really use it.

I think for me going in 1-2 gives me more options and i can read the defense. also im not derrick rose athletic so im not gonna be reverse laying-up and other things like that
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