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Default Mike Breen

He has to go! I mean how can you employ a guy who clearly hates certain players and overrates others. EVERY SINGLE GAME it's the same crap. He starts off talking about Melo finally playing D. Then he talks about Baron not being healthy and struggling. Then, he praises Jeffries like he's the greatest thing to the game of basketball since Naismith himself. Then, if Bibby gets in the game, he talks about how he's been contributing in ways that you don't see on the stat sheet. Then he does the same with Harrelson. Then he proceeds to continuously rip Shumpert, Smith and Melo for their shot selection. Melo had 43 points 7 rebs 3 assists 1 blk 1 stl and only 2 TOs. However, Mr. Breen felt the need to break down every shot Melo took that he felt was a poor shot. He even went to multiple angles on the replay. It's a damn shame. Mike Breen is supposed to be our play by play guy but Van Gundy was showing us more love than he was. I also read an article that said Breen was good friends with D'Antoni and was pissed when he left. I'll see if I can find the article.
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