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Default Re: OT:Insulting Black People=Blasphemy;Insulting Arabs=OK

Originally Posted by Rameek
so because black people took him to task over his comments about black women some how its black people fault that they didnt stand up for other people that may have been villafied?
its the job of people to stand up for one another in a rainbow world...
i would imagine it should be the muslim community that should make an uproar if he said something against them or for that matter any other people who was insulted should have complained...

its a shame most times how black people do something it turns against them. now this thread is to discuss how some black people are a problem

this man has insulted everyone and i was a fan of his show years ago until i heard how he spoke about people although it was in a slightly comedic fashion i believe he and his crew sincerely feel that way!
For Imus and other shock jocks its all about color. Color is more important to all of them than anything else. The color GREEN that is. He would say he ****ed a Donkey with a baseball bat if he thought it would make him a buck.
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