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Default 14 Year Old 7'2" George Papagiannis: "2016 NBA Draft #1 Pick"

*Updated from when I first originally posted this, when Papagiannis was 14 years old.

Papagiannis is now a 18 year old high school senior. He is currently 7'2" tall, weighs 275 pounds, and has a 7'6" wingspan.

Here is a clip of him playing against the then defending Euroleague champions, Panathinaikos, at age 14. He is #19 in yellow, playing at the center position.

The guy he is guarding is #14 in green, Ian Vougioukas. Vougioukas, for comparison, is 6-11 280 - just to give you an idea on how big this kid was then when he was only at the time just 14 years old.

Playing against high school age competition in Europe.

Playing against high school age competition in the USA.

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