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Bulls, whether they trade Chandler for DEPTH, trade for a SUPERSTAR in KG, or stay with their same DEFENSIVE POWERHOUSE team, will be able to beat the Nets.

The Bulls are deeper than the Nets. They will outlast them in a playoff series. And, T=the Nets will have a hard time scoring.

If this is their lineup:

TT/Mike Sweetney
Gordon/Europe dude

that will beat the Nets and Cavs. I am sorry. That is the definition of a complete team.

That Bulls team is not, in my opinion, clearly better than the Nets, Pistons, and especially the Cavs. It has good players, depth, and defense, but it's not as complete as some seem to believe. The frontcourt is more or less devoid of offense. I don't think Tyrus Thomas will start right away, either. The Bulls will rely on Hinrich, Gordon, Nocioni, and Deng for offense, and only Gordon and Hinrich can be counted on to produce every time on offense. This past playoffs, it was not their lack of defense that did them in, rather it was their offense. That hasn't changed, and the current style of officiating favors offense.

The Cavs have the backcourt to go up against the Bulls (provided Hughes is healthy), and their big guys should be decent at least. They'll be deep as well, and I think Lebron gives them the edge. The Pistons and Nets will both have a significantly better 1-3 than the Bulls, and each has a good player in the frontcourt. These teams both have depth problems, but I think the overwhelming talent advantage at the guard positions is enough to at least make them equal if not superior to the Bulls at this time.
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