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Default Re: 2012-2013 Golden State Warriors - your thoughts?

Originally Posted by Lamar Doom
Safe to assume there will be some off season movement but let's just discuss the team (loosely, as it is now) on paper:

PG - Steph Curry (Nate Robinson/Charles Jenkins)
SG - Klay Thompson (Brandon Rush/Nate Robinson)
SF - Dorrell Wright (Richard Jefferson/Dominic McGuire)
PF - David Lee (Andres Biedrins/Chris Wright)
C - Andrew Bogut (Jeremy Tyler/Andres Biedrins)

They're going to get a decent pick (Harrison Barnes?). If healthy, does this team compete next year?
Less talented 03-09 Houston Rockets

But if healthy (not gonna happen), 2nd round-conference finals material.
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