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Default Re: Don Imus got canned

Originally Posted by Randy
A message board where I am free to speak my mind, and thus when someone is an idiot, like by calling Tiger Woods a sellout, I am going to get angry and respond accordingly. I am strongly opinionated and moronic statements like that one deserve a strong response, whether you agree with what I said or not. That's the beauty of a message board.

Thanks for the intentional poor grammar in the statement directed towards me, you must really know what pisses me off the most
I'm an accountant son, just don't feel the need to post seriously on a message board.

Anyway, you r gettin angry on a message board? , get a life kid. someone insulted youre hero tiger woods, get over it Rowdy Randy. Put the debate cards away and have a civil convo, you oversensitive buttmuscle.

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