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Default Re: Don Imus got canned

Originally Posted by GOBB
Cite/list songs please.

MTV and Radio havent had sponsers yank themselves off airs because of songs and its lyrical content. Sponsers did with cbs/msnbc. Not only did big sponsers pull thier commercials, others threatened to take them off if he was still around. So what do you think the next move was? Yup you guessed it in your head...Imus has to go in order to get those sponsers back who pump bigtime $$$$$$$ out. Thats the only reason Imus was canned like some peas. So your beef should be with the sponsers who forced the hands of the big wigs who cut off Imus head. Ask them why they dont do the same with mtv and radio stations and then get back to me.

If you really want me to find lyrics I will.

My beef was with all of the focus being Imus for a whole week instead of focusing on similar, but more prominent "problems" like misogynistic lyrics in music. He's just one dumb man that we devoted all of our energy was a waste of a good cause. All of the media coverage that he recieved could have and should have been used a positive for a much more important cause.
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