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Default Re: Don Imus got canned

Originally Posted by Randy
If you really want me to find lyrics I will.

My beef was with all of the focus being Imus for a whole week instead of focusing on similar, but more prominent "problems" like misogynistic lyrics in music. He's just one dumb man that we devoted all of our energy was a waste of a good cause. All of the media coverage that he recieved could have and should have been used a positive for a much more important cause.

This is the thing....the lyrical content over rap songs has been protested, argued for years! It seems people think thats not the case when it is. From rappers, to politicians, to civil rights leaders, to black record label execs, to hip hop journalist, to activists in general (womans right, gay rights etc etc). This issue has been discussed, protested you name it. CD's have been broken in half outside of record stores. Rallys, picket signs saying dont buy this sexist albums, dont buy this violent records have gone on. This is a fact. There are articles, there are video footage of this. C Delores Tucker and i continually use her because she was the biggest fighter for woman being degraded on rap lyrics...she targetted 2pac, Snoop, Too Short to name a FEW. She stomped on thier CD's, broke them in half with numerous supporters around here.

So you keep saying a more important fight is being overlooked. Its not. Its ongoing!
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