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Originally Posted by knickscity
Without Howard, Orlando seriously may not win a game.

As far as we go, I really don't think we are taking more than one "L" the rest of the way, and you already know how I feel about our home games.

Catch Orlando isn't what we'll be doing, they will fall under us.
We'll lose some games.
There's no way we'll go undefeated against Miami,Boston,Atlanta and LAC.
I would be more than satisfied with us going 5-2 until the end,anything more would be amazing.

Orlando will at least beat the Bobcats so at worst they'll go 1-6. That means we have to go 4-3 to take that 6th seed.
But I think Orlando will go at least 2-5 so we'll have to go 5-2 to end the season.

It's certainly possible but I just don't see that happening.
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