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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by brandonislegend

just saw the raid

sickest choreography ever...

9.2/10 !

Saw this last night. Completely agree with this score. Low 90s for me too.

This is a good example of a movie deciding what it wants to be and being it. I could complain about the lack of, or really non-existence, of any character depth. Or the incredibly minimal story arc. But rather than tack on bullshit versions of those things because some hollywood development team thinks they're gonna need it, this Japanese production is allowed to just be what it is. A very simply laid out excuse to go through floor after floor after floor of exquisitely choreographed, and in my view even more importantly, superbly filmed Kung Fu. There's plenty of wide angle work here that lets the audience actually see the incredible work being done. As opposed to the american tendency to chop action sequences up into an incomprehensible montage of sweaty intense faced close ups and gaffer work so it "feels" fast.

They just don't often make stuff like this anymore. It was refreshing in a nostalgic kind of a way.
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